He adopt a Child Size Doll as daughter  - Love Doll

He adopt a Child Size Doll as daughter - Love Doll

After so many years pass, the story of one guy, named Song Bo took a child size doll as daughter, still get a lot of attentions.

It is opposite of Chinese traditional thought, even after so many years, people still talk a lot about this person and his child size doll.

Song Bo got a serious sick, which always brought him headaches and gave upon depression.

He did not want to be burden to marry with a woman and have children.  But in his deep heart, Song still wanted to be accompanied and to have a new hope.

One day, he was checking internet, and his eyes stopped one child size doll  same as child, just 145cm tall(4’10”), he understood: His parents with Chinese traditional thoughts will not be accepted this. So he tried very hard to convince them.

Now he brings her everywhere. Everyday, he dresses his child size doll, takes pictures with his child size doll, travel with her. At beginning, he feels uncomfortable with people's vision and comments.

Slowly by slowly, she seems to have changed his life. These photos show they are enjoying times, together in cinema or in cafes.

He carry her to pass busy road gently, he loves taking picture with his child size doll, and then upload to social internet, everyday he become busy. It looks like in this world only has themselves.

He takes her as daughter, never use for sex. He gives her name as "little butterfly", Song's mom starts to accept he bring "little butterfly"together to sit on table and have meals.

Some people think it is a sad story, he has no choice to have a child size doll made by silicon. But in someway, Song has find new hope with hurt nobody.

We should show our support, respect and understanding for the person who same as Song, who really took a child size doll same as his daughter.

You are welcome to tell us, what do you think about it?

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