Marry Sex Doll

Marry Sex Doll

Marry Sex Doll.  when people read this news, will start to laugh, because for normal people, adult dolls is only using for sex. But some people are going to marry sex doll and not for sex.

There is 28 years old man wanted a wedding, but because he had terminal cancer, he didn't want to leave a wife alone after he died, so he choose to marry sex doll.

A Chinese man got terminal cancer, but he hope he can have a experience of the joy and magnify of a wedding.

But, he did not want to leave wife become a widow, so he married with a lifelike sex doll.

"Marry Sex Doll" resulted in a series of super tender images including hugging in front of a sunlit windows, show romantically in a shadowy mirror and looking into each other’s eyes lovingly.

This 'couple' were given VIP treatment, including a makeup artist and a sort of dresses.

Even this 28 years old man did not to be
recognized, On Chinese media have offered up all the possibility explanations with the photos.

some are critics, and think all the photos "Marry Sex Doll" is a marketing campaign.

CCTV reported: Some netizens recently informed that the man is really suffering from a terminal cancer and absolutely want marry sex doll .

"Because he is too kind to hurt other people's feelings, he chose to marry sex doll instead of a real woman."

The photographer who took these photos defended the man's unusual sex doll wedding.

Said "even i am not necessarily agree with the man’s choice to marry with a adult doll instead of real person, but he still need to be respected as a personal freedom.

It isn't first time, the deadly ill to look for an sex doll to fill up their lost and completed their a dying wish.

They care about other's feeling when you marry sex doll, trying to use this way to avoid hurting people. Thats why as an healthy people, we should understand, sympathize and respect them. Because even they are on the end of life, but still have right to be happy, enjoy and need a accompany.