Roxxxy Robot - Have Sex With Robot

Roxxxy Robot - Have Sex With Robot

LAS VEGAS - Roxxxy Robot
Meed with the True Companion on Saturday kicked off in the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo on Saturday sessions
with the debut of the "the world's first sex robot".

Lets Meet the Roxxxy Robot new sex doll companion. This doll has an AI engine programmed to learn your all about you.
She can listen, feel, and speak to her owner.

This doll Roxxxy Robot also have great features "girlfriend personalities".
Anybody need new personalty can built it online and load the profile in the doll or share with friends.
This doll goes on sale from week for $7000 to $9000 not included the a subscription fee, which is same as cell plan according the sellers.

Roxxxy Robot is not the first on her kind, the first robot "humanoid" was introduced in 1993.
However the user experience in company of that the dolls were too "catatonic" and not interactive enough.

When asked what inspiration was for creating the doll,
Hines said that "after 9/11, I wanted to give back."
God bless America.

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