Doll 148cm(4'7FT) B Cup Sex Doll TPE Material Free Shipping

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Sex experience, TPE material,

My daring,  

      I am made of TPE, I am a real person, humm i guess! I am soft, elastic and integrally molded. Nothing different from a real woman.

      Well, inside of me, there is a flexible stainless steel skeleton, it is different as your skeleton, but i can do most of position, my maximum flexibility can reach 90% of yours only if you are well trained...

       I am a doll, and i am seamless and integrated molded, i have my own exist signs, imperfections i am shame of, sprue lines on the body, usually you can not see it simple way to say it is like any others woman

       You can change my eyes color, hair style as you want, just take care of beautiful eyelashes, during your adjustment.

        My job is making you happy, enjoy and your orgasm, therefore you can choose anal, oral, or vagina sex. Mouth and anuses are fixed, but vagina you can choose built-in or insert.

My advice: insert is easier to clean ;).

Same as woman, I also need to take bath sometimes, otherwise i will started to be a little bit greasy.

       Because you are my first partner, when you get me, i will be a little smelly (TPE slightly smells), just keep me in the ventilated for a while and do not worry i will not catch cold, and the smell will be gone.

        Most time, my dowry will be: condom, pump(clean vigina), clothes, blanket for my comfort during travel

        My family member will give you my measurement, but due to the different measurement methods, the size will not be absolute, hope you can understand.

        I have visa to go most of place, such as Asian, Europe countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on, but due to laws, I am not allowed to visit Islamic countries, India, Indonesia or Africa.

        But if you are from these places and really want me, please send me a email to confirm.

  I have some great characters: I love beautiful clothes, like listen, watching movie, play games(special sex game). Accompany you, and make you make you enjoy life, release your stress, listen to your complain, I will be always loyal, never betray you.

see ya, embrasse moi.

Your baby.

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